In each artist the sprout of daring is put down,
without that any talent is inconceivable.
      (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

This site is mine. It was created by Konstantin Shyptia. See more details about the author on a corresponding page.

    To tell the truth I do not know what to write here . According to this idea, this page must dispose to something house and cosy. Or, at least, to tell about sights and preferences of the author. But every day I wake up with new ideas – sometimes opposite yesterday's. Therefore I can not share my fundamental ideas with you . Maybe it would be told about my creation? But in fact you have eyes - therefore will see everything. Alexander Blok told: " The direct duty of the artist is not to prove but to show " and I completely agree with him . As I cannot describe the majority of my works - they were born owing to feelings, ideas and moods which are impossible to describe them by words and it is possible to inhale only in itself as a drink of air and to feel them on taste. In my works I wish to show eternal themes: mad love and burning hatred, melancholy of loneliness and wild pleasure, fleeting grief and impetuous fun, an eternal choice between white and black, to embody the person in a turning-point - on the edge of live and death, at top of glory and in a dark hole of oblivion. And it will be judged by you how well it will be managed by me.
     I do not like to give the name to my art works because spectators make it much more exactly and more interestingly. It seems to me, that any picture is some kind of the Rohrschach`s test where the spectator in strange mixture of spots can see something that draws his reason and borns by his memories and imagination. But instead of spots there are real faces, feelings, desires.
    That’s why it is always very interesting to me to listen to the description of my pictures from spectators - they compose the whole poems deserving to be written down on a paper immediately. These stories are fascinating and bewitching, unusual and extravagant, they opens souls of story-tellers. Frequently they are much more interesting than those ideas which were put in a picture by me. That’s why you are welcome on guest page and maybe your names will appear under my works.
    And still I shall tell to you a parable. Once the angel has informed the rithteous man that soon all the waters of the Earth will change, and who will drink them will go mad. The rithteous man has heeded to words of an angel and has much reserved by water. The time has passed and all water has changed; also all people that had drunk such water have gone mad. However among themselves these people found common language and were living easy, so the rithteous man who was not such as they, looked like as madman. Through some time the rithteous man became alone and sadly, and he began to drink new water and has gone mad too. But in opinion of all others he has recovered, and they have accepted him in the society. I have recollected this history to remind that the world around us is unsteady and not clear, as a morning fog. It is full of reserves and inconsistent questions without answers. And who are we in it? Rithteous persons? Or the mad people building the life on the basis of mad and senseless ideas, that are ruining and crippleing us? And maybe the pictures of artists are windows in which the others can see the real world, or even their reflection on a canvas. And we passionately wish to get there - in the world behind the looking-glass, but still we drink the poisoned water of our reason.
    P.S. Probably someone from WEB designers will find the design of the site nonprofessional, but the visitor will come here to see pictures instead of their frameworks. The site is only a white wall on which I shall write the words.

    Pleasant viewing,

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